there was a special pig born in a mushroom field who would become the first Alpha

Pigman after he ate a #

The rest is history. Join us now to discover the wonderful world of

# #



The Psytrance Pig Project houses 10,000 collectible Ethereum-based NFTs called the Psypigs, each of them being unique randomized combination of multiple parts of the 173 total traits from our carefully curated Psytrait pool. That means every single Psypig is unique. Owning a Psypig does not just mean you become part of the cool Psypig gang, but also unlocks a chain of secret membership perks which will be announced over time.




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  • PIGS
  • PIGS
  • PIGS
  • PIGS
  • PIGS
  • PIGS


  • 10%
    Time to get real. 10% of the collection is sold! The funds will be immediately used to build the Psytrance Pig Community - to expand our team of avid NFT enthusiasts and artists behind the wonderful artworks unique to the Project.
  • 20%
    Some of Psytrance NFTs will be airdropped to our early adopters and fanbase.
  • 30%
    Psytrance Music planning begins. Teasers will be dropped from time to time.
  • 40%
    Psytrance Pig gets its own Psytrance music radio on Youtube and Discord.
  • 60%
    Psytrance Pig Metaverse planning begins.
  • 80%
    Member Exclusive Psytrance merch store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies.
  • 100%
    Transition to Phase 2 begins (Psytrance music video NFT & metaverse production starts after 100% of the PsyPig collection has been sold).

The Team

  • Team #

    The Alpha. The origin of electroshroom pigman.

  • Team #

    Almost went extinct. SAVED BY NFT.

  • Team #

    Wish I ate the shroom instead.

  • Team #

    To be or not to be? A question reserved for the acid trip.

  • Team #

    Just wanna 420 all day.

  • Team #

    Second to none.